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Hanauma Bay Snorkeling  

Hanauma Bay snorkeling offers the best Oahu snorkeling and Hanauma Bay Snorkeling offers this relaxing activity that includes snorkeling gear and transportation from your Waikiki hotel.

Hanauma Bay Was Named the Best Beach in the United States and is currently one of the top 10 places to Snorkel in the World.

ABC's Good Morning America television show listing the Top Ten Trips with a Splash. Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, the ancient volcanic cinder cone was listed as the second most popular water activity.

Oahu Snorkeling is a favorite of visitors to Hawaii and Oahu, and Hanauma Bay is a destination everyone wants to go to for the best Oahu snorkeling. At Hamauma Bay Snorkeling .com we offer high-quality, Hanauma Bay snorkel rental equipment, safety vests, prescription masks, viewing boards, fish ID cards, and roundtrip transportation from all of the Waikiki hotels.

Unlike other top snorkeling spots, the sea life in Hanauma Bay is not afraid of humans. This makes for some exciting Oahu snorkeling in the area.

Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay is safe and appropriate for all ages and experience levels.

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Once a favorite fishing spot for Hawaiian royalty, this extinct volcanic crater is frequented by more than 450 colorful, tropical fish and numerous sea turtles, eels, octopus, crabs, lobsters and Hawaii marine life. Hanauma Bay snorkeling is known as some of the best snorkeling in the world and we offer the Hanauma Bay snorkeling tour at the best price.  The parking is something you do not want to deal with so we will pick you up and drop you off from your hotel.

Hanauma Bay Hawaii is nine miles from Waikiki on the island of Oahu and is a snorkeler’s paradise. Tucked inside an ancient volcanic crater that opens to the vast Pacific Ocean, this sparkling crescent-shaped bay encompasses a magnificent marine environment.

If you are not into snorkeling in Hawaii, there is a large sandy beach perfect for sunbathing and relaxing.  Several hiking trails extend along coastline and along the ridge overlooking the bay providing breathtaking lookouts of Oahu. This Hanauma bay snorkeling tour really does have it all and at an excellent price! Oahu snorkeling has different options of where to go, but this Hanauma bay snorkeling tour is the best-priced snorkeling tour in Oahu.

Hanauma Bay is CLOSED every Tuesday. There are several pickup times for the Hanauma bay snorkeling tour.  When you fill out the form the site will ask you what time you will like to be picked up.  You will receive a confirmation email confirming the pick up time after you complete your order. If you have any questions, please call us at 866 482 9775. This Hanauma Bay snorkeling site is a sister site of Hawaii Discount where you can find other Activities in Hawaii.

If you would like to stay longer just call us and let us know and we will adjust the pickup time!

If you are looking for one of the snorkeling activities at a great discounted reasonable price, then this Oahu snorkeling tour is right for you. The Hanauma Bay snorkeling tour is a must if you are in Oahu. This is a great option to seeing many different types of tropical fish without paying a high price of someone taking you out on a boat and seeing the same even less ocean life. This is one of the reasons why Hanauma bay snorkeling is one of the top Hawaii Activities.

It is important to remember, that Hanauma Bay Hawaii is not a beach park, but a Nature Preserve dedicated to safeguarding the fragile marine life in the Bay, Hanauma Bay is the first Marine Life Conservation District in the State. This is another great way to see the “true” Hawaii. Save on all the different Things to do in Hawaii through